Friday, December 28, 2012


So I am finally back in Stockholm, and I have kicked up the gear with a whole exercising day!
I got up this morning, rise and shine early 7 o'clock, met up with a friend to go for an hour powerwalk. Then I headed back home, to have a fruit sallad containing; Banana, red & green Apple, Orange, Pear and kesella! Yum!
at 9 -12 I had a meditating class. Which wasn't physically exhausting, but very good for the mind and soul. I recommend everyone to do it.
Then I had a quick snack apple and coffee with a friend.
Then I headed to the gym at 1:30, where I did cardio for 30 minutes.
Then at 2 pm I had a one hour long vinyasa yoga class!

Yes, this was a very very overexaggerating day. But hey! I am off work and I have nothing to do, and  I have been stuffing my face with Xmas food and candys all week. SO I gave it a real kick start! BUT I FEEL SO GREAT AND ENERGIZED!

See now tonight, I can just enjoy myself and have fun with my friends, instead of feeling guilty! :)

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